Vision Preschool

The Vision Preschool Network is the international component of the Vision Network, which has been operating in Quebec (Canada) for more than 20 years. In Canada, Vision is the first group of trilingual preschools and elementary schools to offer Canadian children whose native language is French, language learning in an English immersion context. Some 3,000 children attend one of the 23 Vision establishments in Canada.

Inspired by the Canadian concept, the Vision Preschool Network is intended for young children aged 2 to 5 years old. Whatever the country, the Vision approach gives young children the opportunity to learn new languages at an early age. Three languages are spoken daily in all Vision Preschool institutions and of these, English is always the immersion language. The second language, referred to as the mother tongue, is the official language of the host country, while the third language varies from country to country.

In the United States of America, the Vision Preschool establishments expose their children to a double immersion context where both English and Spanish are used equally throughout the day. As in other countries, the third language will depend on the location of the preschool.

In all Vision Preschools, young children flourish and develop harmoniously in warm and stimulating living environments. These Canadian-style facilities are equipped with furniture and material specifically adapted to the Vision approach. Thematic activities, workshops, psychomotor development and many other activities that stimulate the children’s imagination are at the heart of our daily activities.

Every Vision Preschool includes a mini-gym specifically designed for young children. In addition to developing their motor skills and stimulating their desire to move, we want to build the bases of their future learning so that they have greater fluency in language, reading, writing and mathematics.

The innovative Vision approach, a qualified Vision-trained staff, our exclusive educational programs, and stimulating living environments inspired by the Canadian model – that’s what Vision Preschools offer to their young children.

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A Canadian Trilingual Concept

For more information on the Vision School Network, visit the Canadian Headquarters website (French only).