Learning Through Play

At Vision Preschool, our fun and meaningful learning activities respect the natural and individual progression of each child. Children discover the world around them through stimulating and rewarding games, psychomotor activities, fine and gross motor exercises, workshops, and experiments. Our thematic activities are adapted to the children’s age groups and stages of development and respecting their learning rythm.

Let’s Play!

Our educational approach, based on the Play pedagogy, integrates interactive story reading, writing practice, songs and nursery rhymes, rule and association games, symbolic play and more, all with the objective of stimulating children’s curiosity and arousing their interest in discovery.

Let’s Move!

Vision Preschool is the first establishment to include in its facilities a mini-gym specifically designed for young children. In addition to giving all children the chance to move and practice important motor skills every day in a specialized environment, our unique activities promote their motor and cognitive development. Our preschool offers children the opportunity to develop, in a playful environment, the concepts of balance, coordination, agility and flexibility as well as motor skills that will serve them in their future learning. Physical activity is one of our school’s priorities, along with education and nutrition. We believe it’s important for each child to develop a healthy and active lifestyle.

A Canadian Trilingual Concept

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