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Vision Trilingual Preschool Kyiv is the first trilingual preschool establishment of the Vision Preschool Network that was launched in Ukraine. Inspired by a trilingual Canadian concept that has more than 20 years of experience, we lay the same ground in our country for comprehensive development of children in the multilingual environment.

At Vision Trilingual Preschool Kyiv, activities are organized in an English immersion context. Since learning new languages is much easier at a young age, we are giving children the opportunity to start learning as early as possible.

Vision Preschool Kyiv believes that every child should be invited to develop the taste of learning. That’s why our proposed themes, workshops, and other fun activities allow children to develop all facets of their personality in a rich and stimulating family environment.

Our unique international early childhood activities allow young children to learn about their immediate environment, as well as the rest of the world! Learning centers containing rich, varied and adaptable material stimulate the children’s curiosity and allow them to make their first explorations. The warm and stimulating family environment of our small school allows young children to flourish and develop harmoniously. Play, workshops, psychomotor development and exploration through imagination are at the heart of the daily activities of our school. Each child becomes our priority.

Activities are held in English, Ukrainian and French to the delight of children! Specifically designed activities allow children to develop their creativity, to socialize and to express themselves through various modes: visual arts, drama, music, sports, etc.

Here is an overview of the services that are put in place to meet your needs and those of your children:

  • Open all year
  • Small groups
  • Daily thematic activities and workshops
  • Safe family environment
  • Psychomotor activities each day
  • English immersion activities with qualified educators
  • Focus on Ukrainian vocabulary skills
  • French initiation through fun activities
  • The innovative Vision approach, specially trained and qualified staff, exclusive educational programs, and a stimulating living environment inspired by the Canadian model—this is what Vision Trilingual Preschool Kyiv offers to children.

18 months – 2 (3) years old

Babies over the age of 18 months explore their environment under the guidance and comfort of the educator. The infants’ biological rhythm is respected and the educator pays particular attention to their physical, physiological and emotional needs, which promotes their development. The proposed activities stimulate their motor and sensory curiosity.

We want the 2-and-3-year-old children to develop their mental representation capacity, a necessary skill that will help them better understand their immediate environment. From this age on, children begin to use imaginary contexts in which language development and the use of symbols are a priority.

Children learn more and more about everyday life through activities that are significant to them. They get to explore and reflect on their environment through interactions with other children and, of course, the always present educator. Through play, children develop both their personal and social skills. In particular, there are:

  • Role games
  • Drawings, painting
  • Spontaneous writing
  • Interactive readings
  • Matching and comparison games
  • Exploration, Construction, Expression, Literacy, and Symbolic Play Workshops

3-4 years and 4-5 years

In this age group, the children’s intuition and knowledge is challenged in order to gradually develop a logical understanding of their environment. That’s why we focus on the participation of the 4-year-olds in reflection and discussion activities where fun is always at the forefront. Socialization is becoming increasingly important, and children are guided to resolve conflicts using different strategies. Interactive reading of stories and pre-writing activities are more and more present.

  • Literacy activities
  • Scientific experiments
  • Numeracy activities
  • Exploration, Construction, Expression, Literacy and Symbolic Play Workshops

5-6 (7) years

In this age group, also known as kindergarten, children get ready to take their first steps in the school world. To better prepare them we put in place:

  • English immersion : The daily activities are held in English
  • Ukrainian language lessons: improvement of the knowledge on the daily basis
  • Initiation to French: Focus is on the development of vocabulary skills.
  • Initiation to reading and writing: To develop a marked interest in the literature world.
  • Healthy and active lifestyle: Through a daily period of physical education.
Psychomotor Development

Our preschool includes in its facilities a mini gym especially adapted to young and older children. In addition to helping children develop their motor skills, the proposed activities play an important role in building solid foundations for their future learning. This will ensure that they have greater fluency in languages, reading, writing and mathematics.

It’s before the age of 6 that children are most physically transformed. During this period, it’s essential that all children be stimulated in each stage of their development. Providing children with an adapted and stimulating environment in which they will get to participate in a variety of motor and psychomotor activities will allow them to develop important skills and competencies:

  • Development of a good posture
  • Awareness of laterality (left and right)
  • Development of eye-hand coordination
  • Ability to focus on specific visual and auditory stimuli
  • Understanding of basic body mechanics.
  • All of our program’s activities respect the natural order of the transition from infancy to childhood. Our philosophy is based on learning through play and aims to get every child to enjoy participating in physical activities and to engage in such activities on a regular basis. Through our fun and challenging activities, children will develop a taste for physical activities. This in turn will help them adopt a healthy lifestyle at a very young age.

At Vision Preschool Kyiv, we believe that as children develop their motor skills, the better prepared they will be for elementary school and the more interested they will be to transfer their newly acquired habits into their daily lives.


To register your child at Vision Preschool Kyiv, you must complete a pre-registration form to be found on the Internet-page of the institution.

By completing the form and its submission to the e-mail: [email protected], you begin your child’s admission process and you will be contacted soon to arrange a meeting with the principal.

During the meeting the principal will let you be aware of the following documents:

  • Childcare and early childhood contract
  • Working plan
  • Preschool calendar
  • Other forms to further formalize the admission.

We consider an opportunity to provide a job for educators in our Preschool.  Trained and motivated candidates, who care about the well-being of children, must be bilingual (English/French and Ukrainian) and have excellent communication skills. Selected candidates must complete the training program of the Vision Preschool Network.

Please, send your CV to the email: [email protected]

We thank you for the interest in the Vision Preschool Network. Only candidates selected will be contacted for an interview.

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