Are you a passionate person, someone committed to the development of young children, with a good set of management skills and ready to tackle a new challenge? If you answered YES, joining Vision Trilingual Preschool’s international franchisee team might be just for you!

As the owner of a Vision Trilingual Preschool franchise, you will impact the lives of many young children and their parents by giving them the opportunity to learn languages and fully flourish in a safe family environment. The Vision Trilingual Preschool concept has constantly evolved over the last 25 years and we are proud to welcome over 1,000 young children in our establishments every year.

What do you need to become a franchisee? Experience in early childhood education is certainly an asset but we do accept applications from people with a good mix of personal and professional skills in other related fields as well.

The VisionTrilingual Preschool network has put in place a thorough process to guide potential franchisees in their desire to acquire a franchise. These steps may vary depending on your profile and your experience.

Step 1 – Preliminary information

Step 1 – Preliminary information

The process starts by writing us an email telling who you are, what motivates you to undertake this project, the territory you are interested in and finally the telephone numbers where you can be reached. Details concerning your academic training and your work experience should also be included in this email.

We will then contact you to learn more about you and your project and discuss the steps leading to the acquisition of a franchise. No confidential information will be shared before this first meeting.

Step 2 – Vision concept presentation

Step 2 – Vision concept presentation

After having signed a non-disclosure agreement, we will present the details of the Vision Trilingual Preschool concept and the advantages of being part of our network. The services offered by the network and the financial terms related to the acquisition of a Vision Trilingual Preschool franchise will also be discussed. You will also have the opportunity to further share your motivations as well as giving us insights pertaining to your business knowledge, your leadership skills and, of course, your management skills.

Step 3 – Franchise agreement

Step 3 – Franchise agreement

At this stage of the process, the pieces of the project start falling into place. Our work sessions will focus on the educational/pedagogical aspects of the Vision approach, the characteristics of ideal sites and the legal structure of your company We will also work on your budget forecast and examine the viability of your project. This will be the ideal time to visit one of our existing preschools and talk with our franchisees.

Our goal throughout this step is to help you understand all the parameters of your franchise acquisition project. As soon as you feel comfortable with those specifications, a franchise agreement can be signed, and we can then proceed to the last step of the process.

Step 4 – Site and financing

Step 4 – Site and financing

Finding the optimal site for your preschool and securing the necessary financing will be the most time-consuming tasks for you and your collaborators. The availability of sites that meet your specifications, the applicable zoning regulations and the various deadlines imposed by the government authorities will all impact the time spent to complete this phase of your project. Twelve to twenty-four months are usually necessary to complete this crucial step.

The acquisition of a Vision Trilingual Preschool franchise requires at least $80,000 in capital (down payment). This amount will cover the necessary working capital needed to start your business and the network entry fees. Depending on your financial resources, you may decide to rent, purchase or build the structure that will house your future preschool.

What you control

  • Management of your preschool’s everyday operations
  • Selection, training and management of your employees
  • Administration of your preschool’s finances

Main services you will benefit from

  • Reference guides and Vision educational program
  • Complete training program for you and your staff
  • Support in the various stages leading to your preschool’s opening
  • Constant support from the head office staff
  • Support from other franchisees through pooling of expertise

All Vision preschools are independent (non-corporate) entities legally recognized by the concerned authorities. Each preschool operates within a protected territory offering exclusive use of the Vision banner and access to a large pool of potential clients.

At Vision, we believe that children are our most precious resources and that it is our duty to help them develop their full potential (personal, social, motor, linguistic and cognitive). If you love working with children and feel ready to give them what is best in early childhood education, a Vision Trilingual Preschool franchise is just the project you’ve been waiting for!

Franchise Opportunities

We invite you to contact us to learn more about the possibilities of acquiring a Vision Trilingual Preschool franchise.
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Passionate about young children? Come and meet with us and become part of the Vision team!